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A Nyoda Day

The rhythm of life at Nyoda is built around our daily schedule, which gives girls the opportunity to take safe risks, learn new skills, create an appreciation for the outdoors, make new friends, develop skills for life, build confidence and improve their self image. While still leaving room for creativity, our schedule allows girls the comfort of structure and frees them from the stresses and concerns that surround them during their school life.

We begin each day with "Set ups" which gets everyone out of bed and moving. It is always easier to start the day with laughter! Then breakfast, bungalow clean up, and Sing, our daily camp meeting. There the girls sing songs (hence the name, Sing) and hear announcements for the day from every department and the Head Counselor. Then it is off for the first Activity time, 10-12. During these two hours girls choose the activities they want to do and drop in and out of these locations. Dance, Crafts, Dramatics, Archery, Boating, Horseback Riding, Swimming, and Tennis give all girls opportunities to try new skills, return to familiar things, and accomplish goals. Swimming is mandatory and, along with Horseback Riding, are the only two departments that have scheduled lesson times.

Before the 12:30 lunch is Bung time, a relaxed time to share with the friends and counselors you live with. After lunch is Rest Hour, a quiet individual time for writing letters, reading, or taking a nap! After Rest Hour is Rec Swim, all invited, and then a second Activity time from 3-5 where a camper can return to something she began in the morning or try something new.

After dinner the activity is for the entire camp, and is different each evening. These fun–filled activities are planned by the counselors and range from team game to counselor hunt to station activities involving pirates, TV shows, Olympics, and Mystery Theater. Campers are grouped in many different ways which helps them get to know everyone here. It adds to our feeling of community and improves each person's self confidence to have friends of all ages. Good Night Circle ends the day with songs and a friendship squeeze.

The Nyoda Day is planned with a mixture of active fun, friend bonding time, and individual accomplishments. Our Motto is Nyoda, Where Girls Like Who They Are and we strive every day to have every girl do exactly that.

Health and Wellness

Our Nursing Department oversees the health of our campers. We have an RN on 24–hour duty who is always available to campers and counselors to dispense medication and provide first aid. We have a Nursing Administrator who assists the nurse with paperwork, drives girls to doctor visits, monitors daily vitamins, and provides practical support when needed. For emergencies we use Morristown Memorial Hospital. We are affiliated with a Family practice in Sparta to treat our girls who need physician care. There is also a "minute clinic" at the Oak Ridge CVS which can take care of minor problems that arise. We notify parents of any medical visit or treatment outside of the infirmary and you always have the option to come and get your daughter if you want her treated by her regular doctor.

In addition to regular over the counter treatments, we also offer essential oils as an alternative way to manage small ailments.

We believe that to be a happy camper a girl has to have the tools to take care of herself. We expect the girls to have individual water bottles to stay hydrated, sunscreen, bug spray, and shoes at all times. We limit extra snacks and sweets to special occasions. We have hot showers, modern plumbing, and state–tested water from our private well. Our lake is also tested weekly to ensure the healthiest environment for your daughter.

We believe in gently encouraging each camper to step outside her own individual comfort zone. While often a physical experience, such as diving or horseback riding, it can also be emotional, like singing a solo, speaking in front of a group or sharing thoughts with others. Often it is just being away from home! Our counselors are trained to be encouraging, patient, understanding, and to recognize the accomplishments of each person.

Ceremonies and Events

Tradition is hugely important at Nyoda. With 100 years of happy summers, tradition is the glue that binds the generations of campers together, allows the torch to be passed each summer to a new group of girls, and provides the memories that last a lifetime. Some traditions are small, but loved, like pizza on Friday and wearing blue and white on Sunday. Others help define who we are, like Council Fire, Honor Girl, Christmas and Team Show.

Council Fire highlights the accomplishments of campers each week, with involvement in the Council Fire topic and departmental awards for those passing the tests in each department. Honor Girl candles recognize those who were role models and examples to their peers, and the traditional songs that have been sung for 100 years are still part of this beloved ceremony.

Christmas in July, with toilet paper decorations and shaving cream snow is enthusiastically celebrated! The team shows, one each session, have only three days of preparation, and are still the highlight of the summer for many.


Campers love to eat!! Due to the very busy day each girl has, we strive to have three well–balanced meals so everyone — campers and counselors — eat well and maintain their high level of energy. We also feel that meals are social events, so tables are made up of diverse ages, anchored by counselors, and sit together for a week in order to develop a "table" that enjoys talking together, singing, playing games, sometimes even dressing up for a meal.

Manners are also important to us, and the dining room "rules" include a Grace sung before the meal begins, respectful silence when a glass is clinked for an announcement, stacking and clearing only after we are excused, and Please and Thank You! Meals are served Family Style, so everyone has the opportunity to take the portion they wish.

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